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You can easily backup your important files by dragging and dropping to the dropzone
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3 December 2013

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This is an on-line data back-up service that is accessible offline too.

To get started, you install a client, configure your backup settings and your data is copied to secure server infrastructure in the cloud. The data is transferred over a secure SSL connection to ensure data privacy. The cCloud service offers a very intuitive interface that takes users through installation and first-backup process in a few minutes. Your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer using the industry`s strongest algorithms. Strong password protection ensures your data cannot be viewed, modified or retrieved by anybody but authorized personnel. You would be able to play music, view photos, edit documents and others directly from the cloud. It works logically as well as feels like it is from a local drive. You could be located anywhere in the world. You can in fact continue to work off line too. Data will get synchronized as soon as you are on-line the next time.

Being cloud based you are able to access your data any day, anytime and from anywhere in the world. There are several ways you can work with the cDrive. You can use the drop zone to quickly add files and sync your local data folders with the cloud storage. You can also simply use cDrive in explorer to view and add, remove or open files exactly as you would with a local drive. It is possible to use the software via a web browser using its web interface. This tool also provides functionalities like scheduling, pre-set backup profiles, command line interface, etc. This is a very good product. If you are looking for a similar solution, you should try it in your exact workflow.

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Online Backup fast & easy with the new cCloud!
You can easily drag and drop anything into Dropzone: files, folders, emails, texts and more online. The data you drop in cCloud dropzone is automatically synchronized with cCloud. You don't need to worry about bad internet connections, because cCloud automatically resumes the synchronization process once the connection with cCloud is reestablished.
Here are the most important features we offer:
- Dropzone. The dropzone is appears only when dragging and dropping something. Once the upload is finished, the files are available anywhere where you are connected. This is completely non-intrusive
- Website application for browsing / uploading / downloading files
- Share files with other users through cCloud website. You can share with specific cCloud users or with everyone (including non-cCloud users)
- 10GB free accounts. You can sign-up with your email address as user name.
- automatic synchronized folder in MyDocuments which is synchronized in background over all computers where you login
- You can gain up to 10GB of extra storage space if you send you referral link to friends (200MB per each friend who signs up)
- API for managing files online. If you are a developer you can write your own application to manage files online. This is a WEB API, so the application can be developed on any platform (Mac, Linux, Windows, mobile platforms, etc)
- Offline access. Your synchronized folder is accessible even if you don't have an internet connection. Since the data is stored both on the local disk and on cCloud, you can change files locally and they will automatically be synchronized with cCloud when the internet connection is restored.
Version 3.0.3
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